Why Sell through an agent like Business Interests?

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Why sell through an agent... Like Business Interests...

Obviously we’re biased but consider the following:

“Experience counts”

All we do is sell businesses mainly LPO’s & Newsagents! Do you think some one who might sell one business every 5 years or some one who sells dozens of LPO’s a year might be more effective?

“Stock of One”

When dealing with potential buyers private sellers or “one off” agents both have the “stock of one” problem. You talk about the one offering and have nothing else to offer for the buyer to appreciate and compare value. If you were buying a shirt would you go to someone with one shirt to sell or might you go to a clothes shop with hundreds to sell?

At Business Interests, we have a dozens of LPO’s \ Newsagents and franchises for sale at any one time thus enquiries from a number of adverts. With this number of enquiries we can more effectively match up the right buyer with the right business, maximizing prices for our client

“Sequential trading”

Often Vendors with the one business for sale also approach the sale sequentially dealing with one buyer after another, exhausting each before dealing with the next

We deal with all potential buyers simultaneously thus engendering competition amongst potential buyers

With a large active data base we maximize interest and competition


It PAYS to use specialist business agentestablished 1978