No4: Australia Post Ditches Franchisees get the facts!

Worrying about What Australia Post are doing?

Headline from THE AUSTRALIAN NEWSPAPER 25/2/14

"Australia Post Ditches Franchisees"

This does not refer to the vast number of local post offices (LPO's) you know and love !

Some 29 "Franchise Sites" nation wide will reportedly now become part of the "Licensed Post Office" LPO network which offers licensees considerably more latitude in how the business is run on a day to day basis

The term "Franchise sites" add a level of confusion as Licensed Post Offices are also franchises however if you have heard someone talking about this issue you can be assured the sites affected no longer exist they are now Licensed Post Offices LPO's or corporate sites and no longer is an issue

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Australia Post Sell Off Ruled Out!

The ABC reported:28th May 2014

The Finance Minister Mathias Cormann says "the Federal Government has decided not to sell Australia Post."

Sydney morning Herald reports :28th May 2014

Abbott government rules out privatisation of Australia Post

Ahmed Fahour Managing Director & CEO of Australia Post:

confirms the Governments announcement that Australia Post will not be privatized