Form 2 South Australia

Vendor's statement

The sale of a small business is regulated under the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994. You are legally obliged to provide a prospective buyer with a Vendor's Statement - referred to as a Form 2 in the Act (located between page 67 and 109 of this document) - for the sale of a small business if the business is to be sold for a price of up to $300,000.

This price does not include:

  • any land sold with the business
  • any stock-in-trade, the value of which is determined according to the usual selling price of the stock.

The vendor’s statement includes:

  • the purchaser’s cooling-off rights
  • trading statements for the last three financial years
  • information about the land being purchased, or the lease or tenancy agreement
  • how the business operates - eg company, sole trader)
  • information on plant, equipment and stock
  • staffing requirements.

The vendor statement must be endorsed by a qualified accountant - who is not the vendor - certifying that he or she has examined the accounts of the business and that the financial particulars disclosed in the statement appear to conform with the accounts.

Where Form 2 does not apply..

Where the business is outside the scope of regulatory requirements the prospective buyer is still likely to require them before making a decision to purchase.